A special thanks to Jon Walker at microhelis.com for hosting this page.

Jon is a fountain of information for anyone looking for micro helicopter information. Gear ratio's, battery lifes, motor combinations, optional hop ups. You name it, he's probably played with it. He certainly helped me get my piccolo into the air initially. And he's a local (New Zealand that is, Christchurch) 

Anyway, on with the PICTURES. As you can see we are rapidly growing in number and models. I think 64grams is our heaviest plane at the moment and that will be minus 10 grams of piano wire by next meet.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the Auckland scene.

Well I was impressed by Michael's Heli
This looked totally excellent until it was pointed out the body was only sellotaped on!?!
It still flew beautifully though and looked great

The detail on this plane is amazing.
(pilot Steve?)

Stan and Andrew.
Always scheming how to make it fly better.

Some pictures of the planes that turned up on Wednesday. 

This is now a pretty normal number of models and wasn't pre planed.

Note the mix of heli's and free flight and rubber and RC and bit cars.

Are we a good looking bunch or what????

(editors note - I'm useless with names so if I put the wrong name to a picture please let me know by Email. Cheers)
I think we're all pleased with the way the group is developing. Scale or semi scale planes are quickly becoming the norm and the Gym is more than big enough for the 250gram micro heli's to practice in without disturbing the air for the other planes. Excellent. We now have four regular micro heli's turning up with a couple more hovering around the edges. (chortle)

Don't forget to check out the rest of the Auckland scene.